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~ 1st Annual LMBA Lippitt Photo Show ~

September 2023


1. Weanling Fillies

2. Weanling Colts

3. Yearling Fillies

4. Yearling Colts

5. 2yo Fillies

6. 2yo Colts

7. Lippitt Mares 3-5 years

8. Lippitt Mares 6-14 years

9. Lippitt Mares 15+

10 Lippitt Stallions 3-5 years

11. Lippitt Stallions 6-14 years

12. Lippitt Stallions 15+

13. Geldings 5 and under

14. Geldings 6 and over


• Open to all pure Lippitts registered with AMHA & its affiliates

• Must be a current 2023 photo

• Photos may only be submitted by the owner of the horse

• Submit 4 photos per horse - Both sides, front and back with horse standing square (do not stretch out). Side

view photos sould be taken directly from the side (please see the example above of an illustration of Justin

Morgan done by Barby Carr to determine the correct angle you should be using). Choose your best and be sure

to have a helper hold the horse as you take the photos.

• One side view photo will be placed in its appropriate class on the LMBA Facebook page (this step will be done

for you). Be sure to visit the LMBA Facebook page to follow each class’s entries and see your competition! Judges

will be viewing all four angles of each horse, so don’t worry that there is only one photo showing up online!

• Age should be determined based on horse’s age day of the show.

How to enter:

Send photos individually and include the following info:

AMHA (or affiliate) registration # and horse’s name, photographer’s name, owner’s name

Email entries to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


• Placings will be 1st-6th

• 1st-3rd place horses in each class will be printed in the fall issue of the Lippitt Morgan Breeders Assn. Guide

& Bulletin newsletter. (If you are not a member and wish to receive the printed newsletter and access to our online Lippitt Registry, membership can be purchased

here on the LMBA website or can be requested when entering)

• All classes will be judged by a panel of three judges using the Standard of Excellence as their guide.  Our judges

are: Bruce Orser and Dave Carr.

• Judges will provide feedback on entries to help all of us learn and improve our breeding programs!


LMBA will also be hosting a Forum with Guest Speaker Al Lyon

on May 6th June 3rd @ 12:00 p.m.

(Zoom login details will be provided at a later date.)


Cover of the Spring 2023 Issue of the Guide & Bulletin ~ we hope you enjoyed it.

G&B Cover


Lippitts in Action

Copy and paste the link below into your browser to see the beautiful 4 yr old Lippitt mare Okan Contessa competing in a 2022 Combined Driving Event (Don Curtis, whip). Video shared and mare owned by Don & Mary Curtis of Okan Morgans, Oroville, WA.

(Video courtesy of Moving ImagesNW)


Great News! Free Ads on the LMBA Website for Members

Do you have a full Lippitt for Sale, At Stud or Available for Lease? These advertisements are now free to our members!

Please provide registered name, sire, dam, date of birth, sex, details of training, sales price, location of horse, your contact information, farm website or facebook page address. One photo allowed per horse.

Send To:  Heather Smith via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Did You Know?

The LMBA Registry Database has been updated to reflect all Lippitts registered with AMHA and its' affiliates through the end of November 2021. Lippitts that have been reported as deceased (between 2004-2021) have also been noted as such.

Excluding any horses that would be 30 yrs or older(or noted as deceased) leaves us with approximately 1,780 living full Lippitts.

Excluding all geldings, mares and stallions older than 25 and younger than 2 years reduces the # down to just over 1,000 full Lippitt Morgans of breeding age!


Congratulations to the Lippitt Morgan Stallion

Devine Cool Hand Luke & Chris Holm of Devine Morgans

of Lincoln MT on their Accomplishments at

The 2021 Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show!






The LMBA was incorporated June 16, 1995. The Purpose of this Association is to Preserve and Promote the Original Lippitt Morgan Horse as defined at "What is a Lippitt?", and to better the conditions of those engaged in the Breeding and Care of the Lippitt Morgan horse. Click here to view the Breed Standard (pdf).



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